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Admin Password Reset

If the superadmin account password is lost or blocked, you can connect to the postgres database via commandline to reset the password.

First, please navigate to the folder containing the docker and docker-compose (.yml) files of the MHIRA installation (the one cloned from github).


# Connect to postgres using psql CLI tool
docker compose exec postgres psql '-Udefault'

This will open the PSQL prompt. In the PSQL prompt, run the following command:

# connect to default database
\c default

#Update password to default value of 'superadmin'
UPDATE "public"."user"
set "active" = true,
"passwordExpiresAt" = now(),
"password" = '$argon2id$v=19$m=16,t=2,p=1$eUxBQXd3bTVhYTU5c2pKUQ$s4pcrRM4RTbfEBV//JpcIw'
WHERE "isSuperUser" = true;

Finally, login to MHIRA portal with username: superadmin and password superadmin and change your password.