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Departments in MHIRA work as patient access groups. This is useful in a situation where users with the permission to view patients should only have access to a restricted group of patients.


A user with the permission to view and/or manage patients can only see the patients that share a department with him/her.

Create departments

An admistrator needs to create the departments available in MHIRA. Please go to the menu 'departments' which is accessible from the nagivation menu under 'administration'. The '+' button can be used to add departments to the list. Departments only need a name. They can be activated and deactivated. To delete a department, access the context menu with right click of the mouse on the table entry in question.


In some use cases, one department might be suffiecient for all users and all patients. In this case, every user can see every patient. In another extreme scenario, every user might present his own department. In this case, the patient needs to be assigned to users who need to see the patient entry.

  • The departments do not need to match the actual departments of your institution. They should rather be thought of as patient access groups.
  • The permission 'view all patients' can be used if a user needs to access all patients regardless of their department.
  • Patients need to have at least one department.
  • User can have no department and can then not see or create patients.