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Streamlining Mental Health Research and Care: A Unified Approach

On September 13, 2023, Fondation Botnar's ourSpace platform hosted a pivotal meeting, shedding light on the significant parallels and shared objectives across two forefront initiatives in mental health research and practice. The session, enriched by insights from Greg Farber of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), centered on the "Driving the Adoption of Common Measures" initiative. This discussion underscored its critical role and potential to revolutionize mental health research globally.

The initiative addresses a persistent challenge in the mental health research domain: the fragmentation of data due to the deployment of an extensive array of measurement tools. With the use of over 280 tools to assess depression alone, the capacity for comparing and synthesizing research findings is significantly limited. The "Driving the Adoption of Common Measures" proposes a unified set of tools, or "common measures," aiming to harmonize data collection efforts across studies. This approach is designed to accelerate groundbreaking discoveries and the development of efficacious interventions for mental health challenges.

We, at the Mental Health Information Reporting Assistant (MHIRA), resonate deeply with the meeting's discussions, seeing clear parallels between our objectives and the challenges we seek to address with MHIRA. This synergy highlights the critical importance of collaborative efforts in propelling mental health care and research forward.

Parallelly, the Mental Health Information Reporting Assistant (MHIRA) project is making significant strides in improving the delivery and evaluation of mental health care. MHIRA's initiative focuses on the implementation of an open-source electronic health record system to digitalize psychometric instruments and optimize patient data management. At its core, both initiatives share a mutual goal: to enhance mental health research and care through the pillars of standardization and digitalization.

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