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Celebrating Our Publication in BMC Psychiatry - The MHIRA Project

Ronan Zimmermann
Jon Konjufca
Alex Behn

We are happy to announce a significant milestone for the Mental Health Information Reporting Assistant (MHIRA) project – our recent publication in BMC Psychiatry, a prestigious journal in the field of mental health. This publication marks a pivotal moment in our journey, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based assessment (EBA) in mental health care and showcasing the potential of MHIRA as a transformative tool in this domain.

BMC Article

The Importance of Our BMC Psychiatry Publication

Our article, titled "Mental Health Information Reporting Assistant (MHIRA)—an open-source software facilitating evidence-based assessment for clinical services," provides a comprehensive overview of MHIRA and its implementation across various clinical settings. Here's a brief abstract to give you a glimpse into our research:


Evidence-based assessment (EBA) in mental health is crucial for improving patient outcomes and addressing care gaps. However, its implementation faces significant challenges, especially in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The MHIRA project introduces an open-source electronic health record system designed to streamline EBA by digitizing psychometric instruments and organizing patient data efficiently. This paper details MHIRA's features, technical aspects, and insights from its implementation, highlighting its potential to simplify EBA use in diverse clinical contexts and contribute to global mental health improvement.

Read the full article on BMC Psychiatry: Mental Health Information Reporting Assistant (MHIRA) in BMC Psychiatry

Why This Matters

The publication in BMC Psychiatry not only validates the scientific rigor and potential impact of the MHIRA project but also significantly contributes to the global dialogue on mental health care. It underscores the necessity for innovative solutions like MHIRA to overcome barriers in the adoption of EBA, especially in settings where resources are scarce.

Our Journey Ahead

This publication is a stepping stone for further research, development, and implementation of MHIRA in diverse clinical settings around the world. We are committed to enhancing MHIRA's functionality, ensuring it remains a relevant and powerful tool for mental health professionals globally.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey toward transforming mental health care through innovation and evidence-based practices. For more information on MHIRA and our future initiatives, visit MHIRA's official website.